Clean An Engine With A Co2 Spray Gun

Car engines will work best when they are clean. Over time they will eventually accumulate grease and other buildup. To ensure you engine is working at its maximum capabilities, it is a good idea to clean the engine every three months to remove any gunk and debris. A Co2 gun is an efficient way to clean your engine. Co2 is a dry gas that can get into all of the crevices of the engine, and cleaning with Co2 is also known as dry ice blasting. In just a few minutes, you can have your engine cleaned off and the car running like it is brand new.


1. Start the car and move it outside to the driveway. Turn off the engine and pop the hood.

2. Disconnect the negative and positive battery terminal cables. Cover any electrical components near the engine with a plastic bag. Wrap the parts in plastic and tape them where necessary.

3. Clean the engine with soap and a rag. Scrub the engine with a wet rag to remove the thick grease that is building up. Rinse it off with a hose.

4. Hold the Co2 spray gun over top of the engine and press on the button to begin spraying the engine. Move around the engine holding the gun as close as possible without coming into contact with the engine.

5. Spray around the entire area until all of the excess debris has been removed. Take the plastic off of the electrical components and reconnect the battery terminal cables. Shut the hood and turn on the car to see how the engine is running.