Clean An Erex Paintball Gun

Clean an E-Rex Paintball Gun

The E-Rex paintball gun manufactured by Game Face is a stacked-tube blowback paintball marker with an electronically operated trigger assembly. The stacked-tube blowback design is a common and easy-to-maintain design that dates back to the original semiautomatic paintball guns from the early 1990s.


Field-Stripping the E-Rex

1. Make sure that the paintball gun is unloaded (no hopper attached, no paint in the chamber), de-gassed (no tank attached) and not cocked (the bolt should be in the forward position).

2. Remove the barrel from the front of the paintball gun, and set it aside.

3. Push the quick-strip pin at the rear of the gun to the side in order to remove it from the retaining channel while holding the end plug of the lower tube in place. This plug will be under spring tension.

4. When the quick-strip pin has been removed and set aside, allow the end plug to come out of the back of the gun.

5. Pull the bolt-and-hammer assembly out from the back of the gun. If necessary, depress the sear by pushing down on the small lever on the side of the grip frame to allow the bolt and hammer assembly to come out.

6. Separate the bolt from the hammer assembly. Separate the hammer, spring and end cap. Set all of these parts aside.

Cleaning the E-Rex

7. Inspect the barrel inside and out. In a sink, submerge the barrel in hot, soapy water and allow it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing and drying it with a paper towel. You can also allow it to air-dry.

8. Inspect the inside of the E-Rex while the bolt and hammer assembly are removed. If dirt or broken paint are evident, use a dry or slightly damp paper towel to clean out the receiver tubes. Pay extra attention to the ball detent and the feed tube, which may hide paintball fill from broken paintballs.

9. Wipe the bolt with a slightly damp paper towel. Check to make sure that there is no paint or dirt on the inside of the bolt. You may also clean it in the same hot, soapy water that was used to clean the barrel. After drying, inspect it for any damage.

10. The hammer and spring should not become dirty or get paint residue in normal use, but check to make sure that the parts are clean. Inspect the o-ring on the hammer for any nicks or abrasions.

Reassembling the E-Rex

11. Place a few drops of oil on the hammer o-ring and the bolt o-rings, if any.

12. Insert the connecting pin on the bolt into the hammer as they were when they were removed from the gun.

13. Insert the mainspring between the hammer and the end cap.

14. Carefully guide the hammer and bolt into the tubes in the gun’s body, pushing the bolt forward until the assembly stops. If necessary, depress the sear by pushing down on the small lever on the side of the grip frame to allow the bolt-and-hammer assembly to go in completely.

15. Push the end cap into place so that the mainspring is slightly compressed inside the gun body. Make sure that the channel on the end cap lines up with the hole for the quick-strip pin at the rear of the gun. Insert the quick-strip pin, and push it until it is securely in place.

16. Pull the bolt back to cock the paintgun. Verify that it cocks securely and that it fires normally. Screw the barrel back onto the front of the gun.