Clean Astro Turf

AstroTurf isn’t just for sporting areas, you can install it around your home.

AstroTurf, known generically as artificial grass, looks like grass but is easier to maintain because there is no hassle of maintaining the area with water and a lawn mower. Made from synthetic olefin fiber, AstroTurf is a durable product highly resistant to staining. Cleaning AstroTurf is easy, as long as you take care of major debris that accumulates on the surface. In fact, you may be able to hose off many. While hosing off the area alone keeps the turf looking fresher, you may need to take more drastic cleaning measures, depending upon the problem. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove animal droppings with a plastic bag, and hose off to break down any liquid matter. Apply vinegar—a natural disinfectant and odor reducer—directly to the soiled area. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes and then rinse the area off with water.

2. Remove leaves from your AstroTurf with a blower or broom. Not only does the broom or blower remove the debris, but also it helps the fibers of the turf stand up and look fluffier. Use a vacuum on sections of the turf that are especially flat or crushed.

3. Scrub dingy gray areas, which have likely accumulated oils, with liquid dish detergent and a damp towel or scrub brush. Rinse the area and allow it to dry thoroughly. Use dry-cleaning fluid to remove tough stains such as tanning lotion or motor oils and chewing gum. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application methods and quantities.

4. Vacuum dirt and mud from the AstroTurf before it gets packed down into the fibers. Loose dirt is easier to remove from the carpet than firm fibers.