Clean Guns

Regular cleaning of any gun after firing is critical. The residue remaining in the barrel will cause a great deal of damage to the grooving if not removed. Hand and finger prints, left uncleaned, will eventually lead to rust and pitting on the exterior of the weapon.


1. MAKE SURE THE WEAPON IS UNLOADED. You must check and double check to make sure that there is not a round in the chamber or clip. You should also remove all ammunition from the area as a safety precaution to avoid accidental loading by another person.

2. Take a cleaning rod and attach a brass bore scrubber to the tip. Run the scrubber through the barrel several times to sufficiently loosen debris such as powder residue.

3. Attach a patch holder to the cleaning rod and insert a cleaning patch. A patch is a square shaped piece of cloth which may either be purchased or made.

4. Dip the patch into a cleaning solvent such as Hopps Number 9 and run the patch through the barrel several times. Remove the saturated and dirty patch and replace with a clean one. Repeat the process until the patch is removed with no residue.

5. Using a hard bristle scrub brush which is similar to a tooth brush, scrub the chamber and receiver paying special attention to all of the intricate nooks and crannies.

6. Using an aerosol propelled solvent or another patch, clean the receiver area and soak and dissolve any stubborn areas of residue buildup. Using a large patch or cloth, dry the chamber and receiver to remove excess solvent.

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7. Use a high quality lubricant on all moving internal parts and apply to the barrel using another clean patch. This is an important step as lubricants will have been removed by the solvent. The lubricant will ensure both the smooth operation of your firearm as well as protect it during storage. Do not use heavy oils or excessive buildup may cause fouling and potential misfires. There are many traditional as well as synthetic lubricants on the market. Some even prefer to use Mobile One synthetic oil in a very light coat.

8. Finally, using a dry and clean cloth, coat the exterior of the firearm lightly with oil. Take care to wipe away all finger prints prior to storage. Failing to do so may result in later removing a beautiful firearm only to find rusted or even pitted finger prints.