Clean Ported Shotgun Barrels

Shotguns with ported barrels reduce barrel jump.

Porting on a shotgun refers to a series of holes or slots that are cut into the tip of the barrel. These holes allow gases to escape from the end of the barrel. The force of the escaping gases push the barrel downward, to help compensate for recoil. Having a shotgun ported can increase accuracy in follow-up shots by limiting the amount of “jump” that each shot produces. Cleaning a ported shotgun is a straightforward process that requires only a few tools to do correctly.


1. Unload the shotgun and remove any shells from the magazine tube.

2. Thread a clean shotgun cleaning patch through the tip of the cleaning rod so that half of the patch sticks out from either side.

3. Run the patch down the barrel of the shotgun several times. This will remove excess dirt or debris from the walls of the barrel.

4. Thread a new patch through the tip of the cleaning rod and apply several drops of gun oil to the patch. Do not soak the entire patch in oil.

5. Run the oiled patch down the barrel several times, leaving a thin layer of oil on the inside of the barrel. Discard the patch after several swipes down the barrel.

6. Thread another dry patch through the cleaning rod, and run it down the barrel several times to remove excess oil.

7. Apply several drops of oil to another patch and rub it vigorously over the top of the ports on the end of the barrel. If the patch becomes soiled quickly, repeat with a second patch.

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8. Apply a drop of oil to the end of a cotton swab, and twist the swab into each hole in the porting to remove stuck-on powder or dirt.

9. Rub a clean, dry patch over the outside of the porting to remove excess oil.