Clean Revolver Grips

Keeping a gun clean keeps its value high.

A dirty handgrip on a revolver makes it a very dangerous gun. It can slip out of the hand either before or during firing, making it an accidental shooting just waiting to happen. Grips can get very dirty just from the normal contact with the shooter’s hand. Oil, dirt and unburnt gunpowder can easily transfer to the grips. Revolver and semi-auto handgun grips can either be made from wood, rubber or various kinds of plastic. The cleaning procedures are virtually identical for each type.


1. Remove the grips from the revolver as directed by manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Scub the grips gently, using a soft washrag and dish detergent. Use a toothbrush to scrub into the small spaces and between the checkering, if any. Be thorough. Rinse, and repeat the scrubbing until the grips are spotlessly clean. Rinse again, removing all traces of detergent.

3. Dry completely.

4. Wipe a little tung oil or quality wood polish on the wood grips and carefully rub in. Be sure to fill in the spaces between the checkering. Buff well.

5. Reassemble grips and test fire the revolver to ensure it works.

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