Clean Safety Goggles

Dirty safety goggles impede vision and may even pose a danger to your eyes–flecks of dust or other material on the lenses can enter your eye, causing irritation. Cleaning safety goggles is very easy, takes little time, and prevents these dangers.

Many cleaners work okay for cleaning goggles–however, for best results (streak-free cleaning and goggles that won’t fog up) use cleaners created specifically for lenses. Goggle/glasses cleaners keep lenses clear and clean longer–and they don’t contain substances (such as soaps) that can leave residue. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Rinse goggles under cool water to remove debris, if possible. If you don’t have water readily accessible, you may dust the goggles with a dry cloth. (If you have a can of compressed air on hand, this also works well.)

2. Spray the lenses liberally, inside and out, with an anti-fog lens cleaner. You’ll find this at most places (hardware stores, for example) that sell safety goggles.

3. Wipe the inside of the lenses with a clean cloth to remove all dirt and debris. Spray the inside with the cleaner once again, and wipe dry with a fresh cloth. This may seem redundant, but you may not get all the grime off the first time you spray and wipe the glasses.

4. Spray the cleaner on the outside of the lenses. Wipe these clean with another fresh, soft cloth. Spray it again, as you did the insides of the lenses. Wipe with a clean cloth to dry .

5. Use the cleaner on the sides and ear pieces as well. Debris left on these may travel toward the lenses when you are wearing the goggles.

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