Clean The Invert Mini

Clean the Invert Mini

The Invert Mini is a high-end pneumatic paint ball gun (sometimes known as a paintball electronic marker) known for its light weight, accuracy, and the latest in technological advances in the paintball business. The Mini is meticulously made from aircraft quality aluminum to endure the requirements of the most demanding users. The marker should be cleaned and lubricated after each use to insure it is operating at its maximum efficiency.


1. Turn the mini off by pressing the power button until the LED changes from red to green. Place the barrel locking device at the end of the barrel to prevent unwanted discharges.

2. Remove the compressed air cartridge. (Invert recommends consulting your dealer or a competent airsmith for education on the installation of the air cylinders to your marker.)

3. Unload any unused paint balls from the marker by turning the loader in a clockwise direction to remove it. Inspect the inside of the loader and the barrel and remove and discard any unused paint balls.

4. Remove the bolt and guide assembly by turning out the holding screw (located on the rear grip) counterclockwise with a Philips screwdriver. Use a clean rag and wipe any dirt or grease from the assembly. Lubricate all O rings with Dow 33 grease (recommended by Invert).

5. Unscrew the barrel in a counter-clockwise direction and remove it to clean any excess paint buildup on the inside of the barrel. Wash the barrel in warm soapy water. Rinse the barrel in clean water. Allow the barrel to air dry and screw it back to the marker in a clockwise direction.

6. Replace the bolt and guide assembly by twisting the holding screw back in a clockwise direction with a Philips screwdriver. Carefully replace the compressed air cartridge.