Clean Your Gun After Shooting

Clean the firearm after each shooting session.

After each shooting session with your firearm, the weapon should be cleaned. This cleaning entails wiping out the inside of the barrel with a special tool made for the task. In addition, the exterior of the firearm needs to be wiped down. Any exposed gun metal needs a coating of gun oil to prevent rust from developing on the weapon. Handle every firearm like it is loaded to prevent injury or death.


1. Open the firearm chamber and remove all ammunition. Check that no rounds are in the chamber and place the firearm’s safety to “On.”

2. Place the firearm into the barrel vise — a special vise that holds rifles in a cradle — or place a piece of chamois cloth on each side of a bench vise and tighten the firearm until secure.

3. Thread a wipe into the slit at the end of the cleaning tool — a long device much a like chimney sweep but sized for firearm barrels. Pour a few drops of the gun solvent onto the wipe and push the wipe down into the barrel and pull back up. Push and pull the wipe through the barrel several times to remove accumulated cordite.

4. Pour some gun oil onto a new chamois cloth and wipe down the gunmetal on the firearm. Leave a light coat of the oil on the weapon then place the firearm into a locked storage container or safe.