Cod 4 Cheats For Wii

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex” is the Nintendo Wii’s version of the newest game in the COD series. This game was a much anticipated released in November of 2009. Call of Duty is a first-person shooter known for bringing new ideas to the genre. The available cheats for this game will give you a leg up over the computer controlled competition and also add visual effects during gameplay.

Unlockable Cheats

Items called Intel pieces are spread out within “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex.” Finding them will give you the ability to give yourself an advantage during the single player campaign mode. In order for these codes to work, you must defeat the campaign mode once, and then enable cheats through the options menu. Also, if your character dies at any point while playing you must reactivate any codes that you have turned on. The following cheats can be found by finding the corresponding Intel piece.

CoD Noir Intel piece 02

Finding this Intel piece will change the color scheme of the game to that of the film noir movie genre.

Photo-Negative Intel piece 04

This cheat will change the color scheme of gameplay to that of a negative development of a photograph.

Super Contrast Intel piece 06

Activating this cheat will cause the game to have brighter onscreen colors.

Paintball Intel piece 08

The paintball affect will give your bullets the image of paintball shells hitting the opponents. You can tell exactly where your bullets land with each shot.

Cluster Bombs Intel piece 10

Cluster bombs are very effective for taking out numbers of enemies at once. You can use these to clear out small areas or enemies who are grouped together behind cover.

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Slow-Mo Ability Intel piece 20

This cheat makes all your opponents move at a slower speed. You will easily be able to pick them off and dodge their attacks.

Infinite Ammo Intel piece 30

When using this cheat, you will be able to shoot to your heart’s content. You will never run out of ammunition for any type of weapon that you are carrying.

Golden Guns Unlockables

As you play through “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex,” you will be able to complete certain challenges. Finishing these challenges will unlock golden skins for various weapons throughout the game. Now these weapons do not have any added boosts or power, but are still nice looking to use while playing.

Golden AK-47 Complete all assault rifle challenges

Golden Dragunov Complete all sniper challenges

Golden Mini-Uzi Complete all SMG challenges

Golden M1014 Complete all shotgun challenges

Golden M60E4 Complete all LMG challenges

Golden Desert Eagle Reach commander level 55