Collect Free Gun Catalogs

Gun catalogues make it easier to find the make and model you need.

With all the popular gun manufacturers to choose from, a trip to the gun shop can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t already know what you want. Firearm dealers and manufacturers often provide free complimentary, full-color catalogs to get you better acquainted with their product line. Having the reading material along with all the exact details and specifications make shopping for a gun easier. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing a new gun, the catalog can come in handy as a source of information. All the major gun companies offer free catalogs; you just have to know how and where to request them.


Visiting Firearms Website

1. Gun manufacturers offer a wide array of options.

Choose a few gun manufacturers that you are interested in and visit their website. Do a lot of research–there are numerous different gun companies and dealers worldwide–don’t limit yourself to the well known popular brands. Explore the industry, and include firearms accessories companies in your search (they also offer free color catalogs). Well-established companies produce high quality catalogs that might even be worth something in the future if kept in mint condition. Their ranks include Ruger, H&K, Beretta, Glock, and Smith & Wesson.

2. Browse through the gun websites and check the different sections and links for any information pertaining to their product line catalog. A number of gun companies willingly offer their catalog to consumers. A vast majority of them only offer their color catalogs in PDF format. Click on the information and follow the instructions listed; you’ll usually need to fill out a request that includes a mailing address.

3. Send the gun company a written request if the firearms website you choose doesn’t have any link or info on receiving a free catalog. Tell them how much you adore their firearms and how you are definitely interested in adding another gun or rifle of theirs in your collection. If the company believes they can reel in a sale, they will provide you with a catalog.

4. Acquire the correct contact info, some companies do not want to offer free color catalogs but they will if you request it. While others encourage you to. For example, Kimber Firearms provides a direct catalog request email link and a catalog request toll free hot line under their resources link.