Color Your Paintball Gun

You should have the paintball gun you always wanted. If you are unhappy with your new gun’s color you can paint it to your liking. Many paintballers paint a camouflage design onto their guns to help them when fighting, but you can paint your gun however you’d like to. All you need is some spray paint and you’re on your way.


Paint your Paintball Gun

1. Go to your local hardware store and buy the spray paint of your liking. If you want to paint your gun with a camouflage design, you’re going to have to buy two or three different colors. Shades of green and brown will work best for camouflage purposes.

2. Take your scope off of your paintball gun and make sure to mask off the lens with masking tape.

3. Take your paintball gun outside and place it on top of a milk crate. If you don’t have a milk crate, an old box will work fine. Place your gun on top of the box and begin spraying. Let one side fully dry before you turn it over and paint the other side.

4. Let your gun and your scope dry fully before you put them back together and start using your gun.

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