Combat Training Information

The martial arts are one type of combat training.

Combat training prepares people to fight with both weapons and their hands. Combat training is regularly used in law enforcement and the military, but sometimes civilians learn it for self-defense against criminals. Weapons commonly used in combat training include guns and knives.

Getting Combat Training

Combat training is provided to those in law enforcement and the military. However, many private commercial companies offer combat training as a supplement for these individuals or for civilians who may not otherwise be able to obtain training. These courses are taught by experienced combat veterans, such as police officers, Navy SEALs and Marines.

Gun Training

According to, gun combat training involves learning load, handle and shoot precisely with firearms. Besides marksmanship, gun combat training also involves learning to disarm and disable armed opponents and use your gun as a bludgeoning weapon.

Knife Training

According to, knife combat training teaches you not only proper knife technique and striking positions, but also survive a knife attack and defend yourself with your bare hands. Since having time to draw your own knife is improbable in an actual knife attack, it’s important to learn both offensive and defensive measures to neutralize your opponent in a knife fight.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Training

Hand-to-hand combat is commonly taught through martial arts training. These include judo, karate, jujistu, kung fu and more. Hand-to-hand combat uses primarily kicks, punches and blocks to attack and defend against opponents both armed and unarmed.


Even if you’re not in law enforcement or the military, combat training can save your life and enhance physical fitness. Learning a martial art can also increase self discipline and awareness of your body. Knowing defend yourself is essential if you’re living in a dangerous area, though you never know when it could come in handy.

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