Configure My Muzzle Velocity

The Tippman 98 Custom is one of the most popular and user-friendly paintball markers available.

Tippman paintball markers are among the most advanced in the sport. Custom parts are available for the majority of Tippman markers. The bread and butter of the Tippman line is the 98 Custom. The company produces seven variations of this marker, and each has an adjustable muzzle velocity which allows paintball participants to choose how fast the .68 caliber balls travel out the barrel. Most paintball courses have a maximum allowed muzzle velocity, but adjustment is simple.


1. Locate the velocity adjustment screw. This is an internal screw. The head of the screw accepts an allen wrench. It is located on the left side (rear view) of the frame, above and in front of the trigger guard.

2. Measure your muzzle velocity. Load your marker with paintballs and charge it with CO2. Then, with the chronograph placed just above your muzzle, fire several rounds in a safe direction. The chronograph will give you a reading in either feet per second or meters per second.

3. Adjust the velocity. The premium velocity is under 300 feet per second. Insert the allen wrench into the adjustment screw and turn clockwise to decrease muzzle velocity. If you want to increase velocity, turn the screw counter-clockwise.

4. Measure the velocity again. Fire the marker in a safe direction, measuring the velocity as in Step 2. Continue measuring and adjusting until you reach your desired velocity.