Connect A Soda Siphon To A Co2 Tank

Find out set up a soda siphon.

Soda siphon tubes are used to mix carbonated water with a soda syrup solution. A CO2 tank is used to carbonate the water in the bottle, before the water is siphoned out of the bottle. While the form factor of the water bottle and its CO2 holder, will vary between models and manufacturers, the principles of soda siphoning are essentially the same. Before you start siphoning carbonated water with your soda siphon, a brief overview of the process can help you gain some perspective on the procedure. Add this to my Recipe Box.


1. Unscrew the siphon head from the soda siphon bottle. Fill the bottle with chilled water, up to the bottle’s fill line.

2. Insert the siphon tube into the bottle, plugging the bottle with the head of the tube. Replace the siphon head.

3. Insert your CO2 tube into the siphon’s CO2 tube holder — insert the CO2 cartridge into the holder, rear end first. Screw the CO2 tube and holder combination onto the CO2 port on the siphon head — the CO2 should have exterior threading. Fully tighten the bottle and holder combination. When the bottle and holder are attached to the siphon head, CO2 is immediately release into the soda bottle.

4. Connect the soda siphon tube to the siphon adapter’s, siphon arm. Push the mouth over the end of the siphon adapter.

5. Remove the CO2 and holder, and then screw the CO2 port’s cap over the CO2 port. Shake the soda siphon bottle for roughly a minute, and then refrigerate the bottle for at least an hour.