Convert A Paint Marker From Co2 To Compressed Air

A paintball gun

Converting a paintball marker from carbon dioxide (CO2) to compressed air is easier than you may think. This conversion requires minimal materials and very little time. By the end of this conversion, you will have a much better and more accurate paintball marker.


Attaching the Compressed Air Tank

1. Before converting your paintball gun to compressed air, purchase a tank that is within your price range and is an appropriate size. Many compressed air tanks can be too large or too expensive. Once you choose your new tank, have it filled by a professional.

2. Screw the compressed air tank into the air input port on the paintball marker. This is the same area that you would screw the CO2 tank into. These ports are threaded, so make sure to not force the tank on.

3. Use a chronograph that is designed for a paintball gun to make sure it is firing at an appropriate speed. Chronographs measure the velocity of the paintball in feet per second. Often, the change from CO2 to compressed air can change the feet per second at which the marker shoots.