Convert Paintball Gun To Full Auto

Paintball gun.

Converting your paintball gun to fully automatic can greatly increase the performance of your gun. This upgrade, while slightly expensive, is very popular. A fully automatic paintball gun can have rates of fire that reach 20 balls per second, depending on the model of gun. This high rate of fire gives you a significant strategic advantage against your competition. Although this upgrade can be quite fun, it can also become quite expensive since you will be shooting many more paintballs.


1. Unscrew the stock trigger frame from your paintball gun. Depending on the model of gun, this is typically done by unscrewing the two screws that connect the trigger frame to the body of the gun. These are located on the bottom of the body.

2. Remove the stock trigger frame by pulling it away from the paintball gun. Be careful to not damage any of the parts in the body of the paintball gun, these can be delicate.

3. Replace the stock trigger frame with an electric trigger frame. Move this into place and line up the exposed parts of the body with the parts of the trigger frame.

4. Screw the electric trigger frame into the paintball gun using the screws you removed. Do not over tighten the screws, this can cause damage to the internal parts of the trigger frame.

5. Attach an electric hopper to the feed neck on the top of the paintball gun. An electric hopper agitates the paintballs, preventing clogs. These are necessary to sustain a high rate of automatic fire.