Convert Settings On An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a team-based sport that is similar to paintball and other military-style simulations. The game requires the use of replica firearms that fire 6-mm plastic pellets, many of which are very close to their real-world counterparts. Just like the real world, many players want to tinker with their weapons, customizing them for ease of use or another specific purpose. Learn turn a weapon from full automatic fire to single shot only, and convert a rifle to a CQB weapon by putting on an aftermarket stock.


Converting the Fire Selection

1. Remove the fire selector switch using a small screwdriver. There are a small series of indentations in the body of the gun. These are the fire selector rates. There is a nub in the selector switch that locks into the indentation, allowing the weapon to fire at the selected rate.

2. Locate the automatic setting. On most weapons, this is closest to the stock and usually resides at about the 2 o’clock position on the circle of indentations.

3. Spread your putty over the indentation, being sure to fill it in completely. Wait for it to cure and completely harden before proceeding to Step 4.

4. Sand the putty down until it is seamless and completely level with the body of the gun. This will prevent the fire selector switch from locking into the automatic setting, effectively converting the weapon to semi-automatic only.

5. Reinstall the fire selector switch.

Converting the Stock

6. Remove the locking pin in the back of the stock.

7. Slide the stock gently off the main body of the gun.

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8. Slide the new stock onto the body, being careful not to scratch the paint.

9. Line up the holes on the stock to the holes on the gun.

10. Insert the locking pin.