Cool Birthday Ideas For Men

A cherished birthday gift does not need to be expensive.

If you are unsure of what to buy your male friend for his birthday, consider his interests. Whatever it is that he enjoys, there is sure to be something you could buy that would complement it. The gift does not need to be expensive. Something as simple as a computer accessory could be a cherished gift if it is something that makes his life easier or more enjoyable.

Beer Gifts

If the man in your life likes beer, then you are in luck. There are many unique gifts for a beer lover, such as a yearly subscription to a beer newspaper or magazine, home beer brewing kit and accessories or a membership to a “beer of the month club.” You could also consider taking your friend on a walking tour of a distillery. For a gag gift, consider buying him a breathalyzer.

Fitness Products

Thousands of fitness products are available. If the man you are shopping for likes working out at home, you could buy him a sit-up bench, pull-up bar, weights, personalized water bottle, exercise equipment or a fitness book or DVD. If he is health-focused, you could put together a gift bag filled with multi-vitamins, protein powder and a nutritional cookbook. If he is an avid runner he might like a pedometer, leg weights, running shoes or an MP3 player with an arm strap.

Sports Games

If the man you are shopping for loves sports, consider a gift that allows him to play that sport at home. For example, you could buy a golf lover a mini-putt game for the home, a basketball player a backyard hoop or a garbage bin with a hoop opening or a tennis player a mini table tennis game.

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Personalized Gift Basket

If you are looking for a more personalized gift, consider something that the birthday boy loves and create a gift basket using that idea. For example, if people joke that he is addicted to his mobile phone, you could create a basket with a Bluetooth head set or wireless ear buds, phone cases, FM transmitter for playing mobile phone music over the radio and a bar of chocolate shaped like a mobile phone. Alternatively, if he spends all his free time playing video games, you could make a basket full of games and accessories.