Cool Places For Teens To Have Their Birthday Parties

Teens will probably think it’s cool to ride the roller coaster all day during their birthday.

Teens enjoy birthday parties that they can celebrate doing cool things with their friends. Most birthday party venues offer party packages for kids of all ages, including teens. Choosing a place to celebrate your teens birthday is a matter of knowing what they like to do. Something exciting and full of action will always be a hit with teenagers. Does this Spark an idea?

Laser Tag

Some laser tag arenas such as Laser Quest, which has locations all over the United States, can accommodate parties of up to 30 people. Teens will learn operate the laser tag equipment, the safety rules and the rules of the game. Laser tag arenas are as large as thousands of square feet, and teens can make their way through a (sometimes foggy) maze looking for friends to “tag.” Some may even have a second-level play area where they can shoot at players from above. A computer system tracks the scores and ranks everyone’s performance when the game ends.


Teenagers can race at many karting centers without a driver’s license. Before the race, teens will learn about safety and the rules of racing. Depending on the go-kart venue, teens can race 12 to 16 laps around an indoor or outdoor track. Some places even provide trophies, a podium photo and souvenirs, such as a t-shirt or cap. Most go-kart venues even have an arcade, where kids can play games before or after racing.

Amusement Parks

Celebrating a birthday in an amusement, theme or water park is a cool idea for teens because of all the things they can enjoy. In an amusement and theme park, teens can spend the entire day riding thrill rides such as roller coasters and freefall rides, attend events like musical concerts, and choose to eat in different places throughout the park. On a warm day, teens can cool off with friends in a water park and slide down thrill slides with vertical drops, steep inclines and enclosed sections.

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Teens and a group of their friends can celebrate their birthdays with playing a game of paintball. The venue provides guests with everything they need such as the goggles, paintball gun, air fills and paintballs. The players learn about the safety rules and rules of the game and they’re ready to play in either an indoor or outdoor field. Paintball venues usually offer different kinds of games that teens can play. Sometimes groups are divided into teams and each team tries to eliminate the most players from the opposing team. In another game, teams compete at capturing the opposing team’s flag.