Counterstrike Source Tips And Tricks

Play Counter-Strike: Source on your PC.

Counter-Strike: Source, a first-person shooter on the PC, features a team of rebels taking down a team of terrorists. The game consists of many levels, each won by either completing the level objective or defeating every single opponent. Like most first-person shooters, the game requires accuracy and speed.


Change the crosshair ratio by typing in “cl_crosshairsale” then type a number. The larger the number, the smaller the crosshair. Smaller crosshairs lead to more accurate shooting because they give you a better idea of your aim. A good crosshair number is 3500.

Improve your accuracy by crouching. When you crouch, your crosshair size decreases further. Crouching also makes your character harder to hit. Use easy-to-control weapons, like a pistol. If you decide to user a larger, harder-to-control weapon like an AK-47, shoot only two or three bullets at a time.


Always buy armor, if possible. If you can afford only armor and not a weapon, follow teammates until they drop a weapon, and then use their dropped weapons. Helmets offer strong protection and are considered by some to be the best armor. Purchase as much armor as possible.

Killing Enemies

Avoid spraying, or shooting bullet-after-bullet without stopping, unless your enemy is right in front of you. Spraying often leads to recoil, forcing your weapon to shoot above the area you are aiming at. Typically, the easiest way to kill enemies is by shooting them from medium range. At medium range, you need to shoot most enemies two or three times to kill them.


Pistols are the most accurate weapon. Except for the Desert Eagle pistol, they are less powerful than other weapons. Pistols have seven to 20 rounds in each clip and contain anywhere from 40 to 150 total rounds. Most pistols take down an enemy after around three head shots or eight chest shots.


Strafing, or running back and forth while shooting, makes it harder for enemies to hit you. However, it also decreases your accuracy when shooting enemies. To improve your accuracy, fire whenever you change directions.