Crafty Gift Ideas For Christmas

Handmade Christmas crafts can be personalized and given as gifts.

Everyone always wants to give the perfect Christmas gifts to friends, relatives, teachers and co-workers. However, the cost of purchasing all these ideal gifts can add up quickly, taking a large toll on your budget. A solution that will allow you to give unique, specialized gifts to each person on your list without breaking the bank is to craft the gifts yourself. This takes some time and planning, but all will enjoy the results.

Food Gifts

Christmas cookies make delicious gifts.

If you are known for a specialty food, like fudge or banana bread, consider giving that as a gift this year. There are tons of recipes online and in cookbooks at your local library so you can experiment with different cookies, candies, cakes and breads until you find the one that tastes scrumptious and you enjoy making. Stock up on enough ingredients to make as many as you’ll need. To dress up these gifts, look for special holiday boxes, bags or baskets. Even plain aluminum pans look festive when covered with red or green plastic wrap. Place a pretty bow on top and your gift is ready to be given.

Gifts in a Jar

Gifts in a jar are popular items.

Gifts in a jar have become quite popular. Find recipes at your local library or online at sites such as Craft Bits and All Free Crafts. These crafts range from food ideas such as cookie, soup or cake mix to bath items such as bath salts. Purchase the jars at local craft or grocery stores or online. Using decorated paper to design labels and adding a festive ribbon to the top of the jar guarantees that these crafts will be merry enough to be Christmas gifts.

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Handmade ornaments can be tied on packages or given as gifts.

Christmas ornaments can be crafted in a wide variety of ways. Purchase wooden shapes and paint them to suit. Stained glass ornaments can be crafted using special glass paint or kits with glass beads that melt. Turn plain glass balls into a myriad of different ornaments by painting, decorating or filling them so that each one is unique and suited for the recipient.

Coupon Books

Coupon books are a gift option that can be individualized for specific recipients. Consider baby-sitting coupons for new parents, yard- or house-work coupons for elderly relatives or neighbors, or special-activity coupons for children. Design the coupons on the computer or by hand. Staple them together, add a cover page and give someone special a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Handmade Clothing and Accessories

Make a knit scarf to suit anyone on your gift list.

If you knit, crochet or sew, craft Christmas gifts for everyone on your list with just a little planning. There are many free patterns available online and at your local library. Choose colorful hat-and-mitten sets for children, scarves for adults and bookmarks for teachers and babysitters. Or make household items–such as dishcloths, towels and place mats. Use your imagination and skill to create Christmas gifts for all.