Create A Bike Jersey

Bike jerseys can help keep cyclists comfortable and safe while biking.

Bike jerseys are athletic tops that are specifically designed and cut for mountain bikers and road cyclists. Bike jerseys may have an elastic band at the base of the shirt to hold the shirt to the waist, as well as other construction features that are useful to bikers, including a front zipper, vented sides, polyester or lycra materials, bright-color design and back pocket.


Designing a custom bike jersey

1. Determine what type of design you would like to have printed on your bike jersey. If you are designing a bike jersey for a riding team or group, you may want to incorporate the group’s logo into the design. If the bike jersey will be worn for road riding, consider using bright colors to increase the visibility of the cyclist. Also, if designing for a group, you may want to include a website address for the group so that the bike jersey can help the group advertise.

2. Select a bike jersey printer and bike jersey style on which you would like to print your design. Search online for bike jersey printers in your area or ones that can ship jerseys to you. When selecting a printer, compare prices, bike jersey models and, if necessary, the availability of online bike jersey design tools. Most bike jerseys are made with dry-wicking materials, such as polyester.

3. Download or create a bike jersey design template. The design template should be an outline of the bike jersey. Using the design template, you can place your images and text accurately in the locations that you want them to appear when printed on the jersey. The bike jersey template may have several files, including a file for the front of the bike jersey, a file for the back and a file for the sides of the jersey. The template is also scalable for different jersey sizes, including small, medium and large, but it should be specific for the particular cut and style of jersey that you plan to print.

4. Design the bike jersey according to the printer’s specifications. You may wish to use design software, such as Adobe InDesign, along with a printer’s specific bike jersey template for the bike jersey design you have selected.

5. Save the design to the correct file format that your bike jersey printer requires. Many bike jersey printers want their customers to submit designs in .eps format, which is a scalable digital file format. If you are just uploading a logo or single image, you may be able to save the design as a .jpeg.

6. Upload or email the bike jersey design to the printer you have selected. Tell the printer which jersey cut matches your bike jersey design and how many bike jerseys you would like to order. Also, submit your payment and shipping information to complete your order.