Create A Custom Jersey

Start with a plain jersey, then customize it to your specifications.

The sports jersey is one of the most important purchases a sports fan can make. While wearing a team jersey makes a real statement when attending any major sporting event, the cost of jerseys has gone up so much that many fans simply can’t afford to purchase one. And with alternate jerseys coming out all the time, the decision on which one to buy can be perplexing. For these people, constructing a custom-made jersey may be the way to go. It is affordable, easy to do, and adds a level of personal touch to the process.


1. Buy a sports jersey. This can be done at any sports apparel store or department store. Although these stores market sports jerseys authenticated by one of the major professional sports–complete with team logos, players’ names and jersey numbers–most also carry an array of blank jerseys. The jersey you purchase ultimately will decide how customizable you want it to be. If you would like one with the logo of your favorite team, you likely will end up spending more than if you went with a plain one. If you are looking for bargains, check out a Goodwill, Salvation Army or similar discount clothing store. These outlets sometimes sell “blank” sports jerseys that have been donated.

2. Find and purchase a chest logo (if necessary) and lettering. This can be a little trickier than tracking down the actual plain jersey, since most stores that supply lettering/logos want to attach the items to the jersey themselves. This is an option, although it will be more expensive and time-consuming: the jersey will be sent away, then wait for the work to be done and the jersey to eventually be shipped back to you. Some providers make their lettering, large numbers and logos available to the public for do-it-yourself decoration. If you are looking to craft a custom-made jersey, this might be worth considering.

3. Attach the lettering and jersey logo. The jersey accessories generally come in two forms: the kind you stitch on, and the kind that can be applied with heat. Although it usually is not a big deal how you apply the front crest, it would probably be better to opt for the iron-on version, unless you’re an expert in sewing or know someone who is. Most high-quality lettering and numbering comes with Heat Seal technology, which enables the product to adhere to the jersey with the help of an iron. This technology is widely used for sports jerseys and other apparel.