Create A Molle Vest Setup

Modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) gear can be customized to provide the user with the most-efficient setup. A MOLLE vest has several horizontal nylon loops, each approximately 1 inch long, that are used to attach magazine and grenade pouches, canteen pouches and first aid kits. MOLLE vests are adjustable in height and width. Soldiers and Marines use MOLLE gear on the battlefield and it’s also common among paintballers and Airsoft players.


1. Gather your pouches and the equipment you would like to attach to your MOLLE vest.

2. Place your MOLLE vest on a flat surface with the zippered side facing up.

3. Place your magazine pouches on the front of the MOLLE vest. If you are left-handed, place the magazine pouches on the right side; if you are right handed, put the pouches on the left. Magazine pouch placement should be done with ease-of-use in mind. Do not affix them to the MOLLE vest until you are sure there is enough room for the right number of magazine pouches. Military regulations mandate that service members use six magazine pouches, which usually requires two double-pouches on one side of the MOLLE vest and one on the other.

4. Affix two grenade pouches to the MOLLE vest shoulder strap on your non-dominant side. Using your non-dominant side to carry grenades makes it easier to access them with your dominant hand if it becomes necessary.

5. Attach a canteen pouch to each side of the waistband.

6. Place a first aid kit behind the canteen pouch on your non-dominant side.

7. Affix additional equipment, such as seat belt cutters, laser pointers and flares, in the most convenient locations. Additional equipment can often be worn at the service member’s discretion.