Create A Paintball Gun At Home

Create a Paintball Gun at Home

Paintball is a game where teams or individuals compete to eliminate opposing forces with rounds containing food coloring and gelatin. Obtaining an effective, high-powered gun — also known as a marker — can become rather costly. There is another way to enjoy the sport without emptying your wallet.


Create a Paintball Gun at Home

1. Use a 20 oz. soda or water bottle.

Stick the point of one scissor blade into the bottom of the 20 oz. soda or water bottle and rotate bottle until hole is smooth. Make sure the hole is no bigger than the size of a dress shirt button.

2. Any hand pump will work to build pressure in the bottle.

Connect the hand pump to the bottom of the bottle. To make a better air seal, cover the hose with Teflon tape to fit perfectly in the hole. Cover the outside area with hot glue to make it air-tight.

3. Buy PVC tube and a valve at a local hardware store.

Connect PVC tube into the top of the bottle about an inch down. PVC tubing must be 1/2 inches diameter and 2 inches in length. With the other side sticking out, connect the other end of the tube to the PVC valve.

4. Cover all of this with hot glue and electrical tape to make the marker sturdy and prevent any leaks.

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