Create A Paintball Scenario Game

Paintball players lay down cover fire for one another.

Creating a paintball scenario game can be a fun experience. Scenario games allow everyone to do more than just shoot paintballs at each other. Players have objectives that they must complete to win the game. Teamwork is an essential component of scenario games. Capture the flag is widely considered the best and most popular type of paintball scenario game. This game is played at paintball fields all over the country, both backyard fields and public fields.


1. Choose a field for your scenario paintball game that suits the number of players you have. An acre of land is a good size for 20 vs. 20.

2. Place a flag in the middle of the paintball field. Each team tries to pick up the flag and carry it back to their starting location to win. If a player is shot while carrying the flag, he must drop the flag where he was hit, and that player is done for the round. If an entire team is eliminated, the other team automatically wins.

3. Place obstacles around the paintball course to create cover. Sheets of plywood, old tires, barrels and pallets make excellent bunkers. Spread these obstacles evenly around the course so that both sides have equal access to them.

4. Obey all safety rules while playing paintball. Masks must be worn at all times. Never shoot anyone within 10 feet. Shooting someone from within 10 feet away can cause swelling, bruising or bleeding.

5. Explain the game and safety rules to all the players before starting. General paintball rules usually include leaving the field when you are shot, do not use full auto mode on your paintball gun, and obey the referees.