Create An Invitation In Microsoft Publisher

Create a unique, custom invitation for your upcoming party or event using Microsoft Publisher. Select a ready-made layout from the design template or create your own design. If you know use Microsoft Word, it will be easy to learn the basics of Publisher. Read on to learn create an invitation in Microsoft Publisher.


1. Select one of the ready-made designs. On the main menu click “File” and then “New” to open the Catalog Window. Click the “Invitation Cards” option on the Wizards menu, select the desired invitation type from the options and then click “Start Wizard.” Enter your name and address in the window prompt or skip this step by clicking “Cancel.” Click “Finish” at the bottom of the Wizards menu.

2. Use the Quick Publication Wizard to create a semi-custom design. In the Quick Publication Wizard menu, click “Design.” Look at the options in the Design menu and select the desired design. Change the color scheme by accessing the Quick Publication Wizard menu. Click “Color Scheme” and select the desired scheme from the Color Scheme menu. To customize the layout, click “Layout” on the Quick Publication Wizard menu and select the desired layout.

3. Make your own invitation design.On the main menu, click “File” and then “New.” Select the Blank Publications tab from the Design Catalog Window. Enter text and insert images using the instructions in Steps 5 and 6 below.

4. Specify the paper size of the invitation. On the main menu, click “File” and then “Page Setup.” To change the paper size, enter the dimensions in the “choose a special fold section.”

5. Enter the information. Place the mouse inside the desired text box and click once. Type the text or cut and paste from a Word document. Change the format the font style, size and appearance if desired. Adjust the size of the text box using the mouse. Click and drag the border to the desired size.

6. Insert clip art or pictures. Insert your own photo or clip art by using clicking “Insert” and then “Picture.” Resize the image by clicking and dragging the mouse towards the center of the photo until the photo reaches the desired size.

7. Proof and finalize the invitation. You can print the document on paper or send it by email. Recipients who don’t have Publisher will not be able to open the document unless you save the document as a different file type.