Create Custom Football Uniforms

It is simple to create football uniforms to resemble these.

Football uniforms can be created with a custom look as long as it does not interfere with the rules and regulations of the league. Intramural football uniforms can normally be customized without any repercussions. Creating a custom football uniform is simple and inexpensive, with iron-on letters, numbers and patches costing as little at $5 per pack. Once the materials are obtained, ironing on the characters and patches is quick and simple.


Choose the Proper Clothing

1. Purchase the necessary football clothing to customize from an athletic apparel store or online athletic retailer. Select a plain colored jersey that does not have any names, numbers or patches on it, so that it can be customized by the player. The jersey can be any color desired by the team. If the team is sponsored, customize the clothing provided by the sponsor.

2. Purchase football pants from an athletic apparel store or online athletic retailer. The pants can be the same color or a different color from the jersey. Purchase a plain set of pants, so that they can be customized by the player. Select pants that fit snugly to the legs, which may be of a thin nylon or polyester material.

3. Purchase a plain helmet and shoes to complete the football uniform. The helmet should match the color of the jersey. The shoes can be of any color, although black football cleats are normally the standard color.

Customize the Jersey and Pants

4. Purchase the necessary materials to customize the football jersey and pants, including iron-on letters, numbers and patches. These characters and patches can be purchased at any specialty craft store in different sizes, shapes and colors. Patches can be of the team’s mascot, fraternity symbol or work affiliation.

5. Place the football jersey on the ironing board. Remove the wax paper from the adhesive part of the character or patch by pulling it off. Lay out the iron-on characters and patches evenly in the desired position on the jersey, using the ruler. For example, the last name and number of the player can be evenly positioned on the back of the uniform, while the patch can be placed on the right or left sleeve.

6. Turn on the iron to the acrylic setting, which is a low heat setting that will not burn the characters or patches. Press the iron down onto each individual character and patch in five-second increments until the adhesive portion glues to the jersey. If the letters, numbers or patches cannot be pulled off from the jersey, they are secured properly. Allow the jersey to cool completely before wearing it.

7. Place the football pants on the ironing board. Lay any patches, letters or numbers on the sides of the football pants, spacing out the characters with a ruler. For example, “Cougars” may be laid vertically down on one of the pant legs. Iron on the patches or characters in the same fashion as done in Step 3.

Customize the Helmet

8. Purchase decals to be placed onto the helmet from a craft store. These decals should relate to the game of football or the team. For example, purchase decals of footballs, turf or a symbol of the team’s name.

9. Open the top of a plastic spray bottle and add one ounce of liquid dish soap. Fill the spray bottle with water halfway and close the top tightly. Shake the bottle for thirty seconds to mix the dish soap and water together.

10. Peel the decal from the wax paper to expose the adhesive side. Spray a small amount of soapy water onto the adhesive side of the decal.

11. Place the decal on the helmet in any desired location. The decals can be placed across the side or top of the helmet, as well as on the back side of the helmet. The soapy water on the adhesive side will allow you to move the decal around on the helmet so that the decal does not stick to the helmet upon first touch.

12. Squeeze out all of the air bubbles and most of the water using your thumb. Allow the decal to dry onto the helmet overnight in a low humidity setting.