Create Custom Hockey Jerseys

A team member’s jersey is a vital part of a hockey uniform.

Hockey teams from youth leagues to adult recreational leagues want a way to stand out from the competition. Custom hockey jerseys can bolster the sense of identity and boost the pride of members while showing the team’s collective personality. With proper planning, creating these custom jerseys is not too difficult for someone with an artistic background.


1. Poll the team about the type of jerseys they want to have. Allow each team member to voice his input. If there are artistic team members, invite them to submit their designs.

2. Vote on the final design idea. Come up with a list of three or four designs and have the team vote for the best one.

3. Get a list of the jersey size of each team member.

4. Purchase the proper number of hockey jerseys in the color that was decided on.

5. Attach the team name, player name and player number in the correct places on each number. Use iron-on jersey numbers, which are available from many craft stores, online retailers and T-shirt printing shops. Follow the instructions that come with the numbers, as they may be different with available type.

6. Draw any graphics for the hockey jerseys on the computer, using an illustration program.

7. Print the graphics onto iron-on transfer material. This can be purchased for use in any standard home computer for both dark and light colored shirts. For a more durable option, send your design to a company who will provide you with iron-on transfer versions of your logo.

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8. Iron the logos or team graphics into place and distribute your team’s new custom jerseys.