Create Custommade Paintball Guns

Paintball gun with front grip.

Custom-made paintball guns can create a unique look to the gun as well as optimize the gun’s performance. Custom paintball guns can be done on a budget, or they can worked on expensively, depending on the types of parts added. Customizing a paintball gun can include changing the gun’s appearance or adding performance upgrades such as barrels, stocks, triggers and other components.


1. Unscrew the stock barrel that came with the paintball gun by twisting the barrel counterclockwise until it is off.

2. Screw on the new barrel by twisting it clockwise until it is firmly in place. Custom barrels should be generally longer in length to provide better accuracy. These barrels come in assorted colors and in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches long.

3. Remove the rear clips of the gun, if applicable. Press the pins out from the rear side of the gun, where the spring is held in place, using your thumb. Remove the rear spring case, which is a small plastic or metal piece that keeps the spring in place.

4. Place the expendable stock in the same location where the rear spring case was. The stock is designed to hold the spring in place, while offering extra shoulder support with the use of the expendable stock. Push the pins back in place, using your thumb.

5. Remove the screws holding the trigger guard in place with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Take out any other screws or pins holding in the original trigger.

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6. Remove the original trigger from the gun.

7. Place the upgraded double trigger in place of the stock trigger. Screw in the screws or push in the pins that hold the trigger in place. Screw the trigger guard back in place, if desired.