Create Your Own Automotive Uniform Patches

Automotive repair shops often require technicians and mechanics to wear customized uniforms. This gives customers a sense of professionalism and makes a statement that each employee has been properly trained. Patches are useful in this manner, as certifications can be displayed on a technician or mechanic’s uniform. Patches also display the company’s name and logo, and sometimes denote an employee’s title or position.


1. Find a custom embroidery. There are many choices online that allow you to choose from pre-designed templates while giving you the flexibility to customize the design and color scheme. Among them are Embroidery Patches, Patches 4 Less, Patch Superstore, and Patches Pro. You also may look in a local phone book for custom embroideries near you.

2. Choose a color scheme. The color scheme appears on both the uniform itself and the patches. It is best to stay away from light colors such as white to avoid unsightly smudging and smearing. Green, red, gray and blue often are used for this reason.

3. Create a logo or use a template for the patch.

4. Upload a rendering of your custom logo or send a picture of your company logo to the embroidery. In most instances, businesses without logos may choose one from a template provided by the embroidery.

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