Create Your Own Paintball Gun

Paintball guns come in all types and sizes but each has the single purpose of shooting a paintball at an intended target. You can create your own paintball gun from a few supplies commonly found around the home, along with some items acquired from a hobby store. You do not need any special skills to create your own paintball gun; however, adult supervision is required if you are underage because a utility knife must be used.


1. Stand an empty plastic water bottle on a table. Cut off the neck of the water bottle with a utility knife. Dispose of the bottom of the water bottle.

2. Stand the water bottle neck on a table with the pouring end facing up.

3. Use scissors to cut off the neck of a party balloon. Dispose of the cut-off neck in the trash.

4. Stretch the end of the party balloon over the pouring end of the water bottle neck. Push the balloon until all of the rings on the sides of the water bottle neck are covered.

5. Wrap a strip of duct tape around the end of the party balloon to secure it to the water bottle neck.

6. Go to a backyard, park or open field. Hold the paintball gun you have created in one hand. Tip the open end of the paintball gun up. Drop in a paintball so that it falls into the balloon at the other end.

7. Aim your paintball gun at a tree or rock. Grab hold of the paintball and the balloon with the fingers of your other hand. Pull back on both the balloon and paintball. Release your grip to fire the paintball at the tree or rock.