Create Your Own Paintball Jersey For Free

A jersey can help protect you from friendly fire.

In the game of paintball, participants attempt to shoot each other with paint balls. The balls can leave a welt or a bruise, depending on the distance of the shooter or the local temperature (the balls can freeze slightly in cold weather, causing them to impact harder). Games can take place one-on-one or with teams where you work to capture the enemy fort or flag. Renting all the gear for paintball can cost money; making your own team jerseys will help save on costs while also making it easy to identify your teammates on the field.


1. Choose a long-sleeved shirt in a solid color. Your team should all have shirts of the same color. You should play in long sleeves even in warm weather since the extra layer can help protect your skin from the force of the paintball.

2. Draw the name of your team in bubble or block letters on white fabric, ideally an old tee-shirt or sheet. Cut out the letters and glue them to the front of the long-sleeved shirt.

3. Write your name in bubble or block letters on the white fabric, as well as a number if you want one. The number should be much larger than the letters and should take up the majority of the space on the back of the shirt. Cut out the letters and numbers, then glue them to the back of the shirt.

4. Draw and cut any design elements from the white fabric. For example, if you want stripes on the sleeves, cut the stripes out of the white fabric and glue them to the shirt. In addition, cut strips to glue around the collar, the hem of the shirt and the ends of the sleeves for an added accent. Glue them onto the shirt.

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5. Allow the shirts to dry completely before wearing.