Create Your Own Shooting Games

Creating a shooting game can be very difficult. Thankfully, it can also be made much easier with the right program. Obviously, the best way to create a shooting game is to learn a lot of programming and build it from the ground up. But if you’re looking for an easier method, here’s a shortcut.


1. Go to (see Resources) and decide whether you wish to join or simply try the demo creation system. If this is your first time, select “Demo” and you can join later if you like it.

2. Decide whether you would prefer to create a robot-based shooting game or a spaceship-based shooting game. Keep in mind that spaceships are much faster, and thus creates faster gameplay. Select your preference to continue.

3. Adjust the map to your liking by clicking on any dot on the map and dragging it to a new location. Be sure that the lines in the map do not overlap each other; your map should be one large connected area so every point can be walked to. You can always add walls later.

4. Add features like walls, doors, keys, and teleporters to your map by dragging them onto the map from the scrollbar on the left. Be sure that you remember any colored doors that you add, so you can be sure to add a key of the matching color.

5. Add enemies and power-ups to your map by dragging them onto the map from the boxes on the left. Too many enemies may make your game overly difficult, but if you do not have a sufficient number of enemies, the game will become trivially boring. Add a few power-ups to make things more interesting by granting the player extra missiles, health and so forth.

6. Test your game by clicking on the “Test” button. Ideally, your game should provide a challenge and damage but not kill the player. If you find the game too difficult or too easy, adjust the difficulty level by adding more enemies to increase difficulty, or more power-ups to decrease difficulty.

7. Save your game by joining once you have an idea for a sufficiently good game. You can then click “Publish” to make your shooting game available for others to play.