Customize A Baseball Uniform Design

Learn about ways to customize your baseball uniform.

While a baseball uniform is meant to dress every player in a cohesive manner during game play, there are ways to customize the baseball uniform so that it’s specific to you. This will allow you to stand out on the field and give you a sense of individuality while still maintaining team pride and spirit. Before customizing, check with your team and league rules to make sure you’re not violating any baseball uniform policies.


1. Add your last name to the back of the baseball jersey. Many players choose to have their last name printed above the numbers on the back of the uniform. This can usually be accomplished by purchasing iron-on lettering from your local craft store–or having your local sport shop print the name for you.

2. Place numbering to the sleeve of your jersey. Sleeves of a baseball uniform are often open for customization. You can purchase smaller iron-on lettering which can be added to the short sleeve of your left or right arm.

3. Wear a shirt underneath your baseball uniform. Many baseball uniforms are designed for warm weather play and have short or no sleeves. You can customize your baseball uniform by wearing a three-quarter shirt, turtle-neck or t-shirt under your uniform. Try and match the color of your baseball uniform, otherwise an umpire may make you remove the under shirt if it’s distracting or confusing to the other team.

4. Sew or iron on patches to the sleeve of your jersey. It is popular to add league or tournament patches to baseball sleeves. These usually detail the league you play for, or the tournaments you have participated in.

5. Determine the length of your pants and stirrups. Baseball players usually have a lot of leeway on how they like to wear their pants and stirrups. Some players choose not to show stirrups and have the pant bottom flush to the cleat, while other players like to wear shorter pants which cuts just below the knee and then show a lot of stirrup. Customize your uniform by deciding how you like to wear your baseball stirrups.