Customize A Daisy Bb Gun

Customize a Daisy BB gun based on personal preference.

Daisy is a name that is widely recognized by many shooters for its range of air-powered rifles and pistols. The line of BB rifles and pistols produced by Daisy features designs based on modern and historical firearms. Daisy BB guns are a good way to introduce safe firearm handling practices to youth when shooting. Customizing a Daisy BB gun can help improve accuracy as well as the overall enjoyment of shooting the Daisy gun. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Install a scope to the top accessory rail of a Daisy BB gun. Choose a scope based on personal preference that matches the type of shooting to be done. Attach the lower scope mount rings to the rail and place the scope in the rings. Secure the scope in place by connecting the top rings to the bottom rings.

2. Attach a laser sight to the trigger guard of a Daisy BB pistol for point-and-shoot accuracy. Loosen the mounting clamp on the rear of the laser sight and attach the sight to the front of the trigger guard. Secure the mounting clamp to the trigger guard.

3. Choose a point sight for mounting to the accessory rail on the top of a Daisy BB rifle receiver. Loosen the mounting base of the point sight and slide the sight onto the accessory rail. Tighten the mounting base so the sight is held firmly in place.

4. Choose a custom sling for target shooting based on personal preference. Select a sling that allows for easy adjustment when shooting from a standing, prone or sitting position.