Customize A Dallas Cowboys Jersey

The Dallas Cowboys football jersey can have letters and patches added to it.

Anyone who owns a Dallas Cowboys jersey can customize it in with iron-on letters and patches. Letters can be used to create a player or fan’s name on the back of the jersey if one is already not in place. Patches can be sewn on to either sleeve or front of the jersey, adding extra flair. Customizing a Dallas Cowboys jersey is a simple task that will take no more than an hour to complete.


1. Place the Cowboys jersey flat against the ironing table so that the rear of the jersey is facing upward. The upper portion of the jersey, such as between the shoulder blades, will have letters added. The letters can be a name of a player on the team or a fan who actively watches the games.

2. Place each white iron-on letter across the upper portion of the jersey by pulling off each letter from the translucent paper, which keeps the adhesive part of the letters safe from dirt when not in use. Use a ruler to evenly space each letter apart from one another so that each letter is not closer than a half-inch.

3. Plug the iron into a wall outlet and let it heat up for about three minutes. Press the iron down over one or two letters at a time for 30-second increments until the letters have adhered to the Cowboys jersey. The letters should be fully adhered after two to three minutes of heat from the iron.

4. Sew embroidered patches onto the sleeves or front of the Cowboys jersey. The patches can be footballs, helmets or the Dallas Cowboys blue and white star. These patches can be purchased online.

5. Sew the patches on the desired location of the jersey, using a needle and thread. Place two feet of thread from the spool through the eye of the needle. Cut the thread from the spool with a scissor.

6. Run the needle and thread around the edge of the patch until the patch is secured to the jersey. Cut the extra thread off with the scissor.