Customize A Mini 14

The Mini-14 is a Ruger Mini-14 rifle that shoots a 5.56-caliber round. There are hundreds of accessories for the Ruger Mini-14. You will have to do a lot of research to find everything that you want to modify your Ruger Mini-14. Ruger offers many accessories and a lot of private companies offer other accessories that Ruger does not. You will also need a gunsmithing tool kit to remove and replace all of the screws, bolts and taper pins that hold the Ruger Mini-14 together.


1. Replace the stock frame that came with the Ruger Mini-14 with a folding stock. Remove the screws and bolts from the stock using the gunsmithing tool kit. Remove the stock frame. replace the frame with the folding stock and replace the screws and bolts.

2. Replace the stock five-round clip with a 30-round clip.

3. Remove the stock front and rear sights by removing the taper pins. Pull the front and rear sights off of the frame. Replace with night sights.

4. Remove the stock scope by removing the screws securing the scope to the frame with the gunsmithing tool kit. Replace the stock scope with a long range scope that Ruger offers.

5. Replace the stock barrel that came with the Mini-14 with a custom barrel of your choice that Ruger has to offer.