Customize A Tactical Paintball Vest

Customizing a paintball tactical vest isn’t hard.

A tactical paintball vest is nothing more than a vest that is meant to hold a person’s gear during game scenarios. These vests can hold extra rounds of ammunition, extra CO2, a paintball pistol in a holster and a variety of other necessities. It all really depends on how you customize your particular vest as to what sorts of scenarios it’s best for though.


1. Figure out what configuration you’re going to need. For instance, if you’re going to be playing a game where paint grenades are allowed, you might want to have a sling to carry some. If you are only allowed to use regular paintball rounds, then you may want to attach more additional holders for replacement paintball pods.

2. Attach your accessory pouches. Molle accessories use what’s called a “strap and snap” form of connection, so you can attach them directly to the vest with relative ease and then remove them later the same way without any sewing or seam ripping.

3. Try the vest. Run with it, and try to remove and replace things in the pouches that you’ve attached to the vest. Make sure that it fits properly, and that you have easy access in the ways that you want. For instance, if you’re a right-handed shooter, you should keep your spare ammo on your left side so that you don’t have to either put down your gun or reach across your body to get spare paintballs.