Customize Paintball Guns Online

You can order a paintball gun online and customize it to your liking.

There are so many paintball gun packages available online. But if you want to personalize your package to fit your specific paintball needs, you can customize your package pretty easily. Many websites allow users to pick and choose every element of the gun they purchase. Whether you’re looking for an automatic gun with a larger hopper, or a pump gun that’s better for long range, you can easily find the perfect gun for you online.


1. Open your Internet browser and access one of the websites listed in “References.” Each site will allow you to customize your own paintball gun package.

2. Select the model of gun you’d like to go off of. Instead of clicking on “Guns,” click on the “Customize” or “Parts” section. The websites offer pictures and brief summaries for each gun.

3. Choose the size of hopper you’d like for your paintball gun. If you are a close-range shooter, it would be best to select a larger hopper so that you don’t ever have to worry about reloading. However, a longer-range gun can sometimes benefit from a smaller hopper so that there is less bulk and shooting is easier.

4. Pick a tank to power your gun. CO2 tanks, carbon filter tanks and nitrogen tanks are all available in various shapes and sizes. Choose a tank size based on how often you are available to reload the tank, whether in game or otherwise.

5. Finalize your order by entering your debit or credit card number. Your customized paintball gun will be delivered to your door according to your shipping preferences.