Customize Real Guns

Customize your gun to suit your needs.

Guns can be customized in a number of ways to suit your needs or aesthetic requirements. Many guns can have a new barrel installed, a choke system added to the barrel to regulate the shot pattern, or a custom paint job added. Some guns can be modified to hold larger ammunition clips, or have sighting devices such as magnifying scopes or laser sights attached to improve accuracy. Customizing a gun is a personal decision with many possibilities. Modify your gun in a manner that best suits your purposes.


1. Improve the accuracy of your gun with a new barrel. A longer barrel on most gun helps the projectile fly straighter to the target. Install different barrel chokes on a shotgun to suit your needs. Chokes help regulate the pattern of pellets released from the shotgun shell when fired. A full choke keeps the pattern tighter and gives it bigger impact at longer distances, while a modified choke can spread the pattern more quickly upon leaving the barrel to improve your chances of hitting something at closer ranges. The gun’s manufacturer or a local gun smith can provide you with the new barrels or chokes for your gun.

2. Install a good quality hunting scope or a laser sighting system to improve accuracy. Either of these can help you hit your target. Find one that suits your needs and is compatible with your gun. Install these as per manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Paint the stock with a custom pattern or style of your choice. Disassemble the gun, removing the barrel and trigger mechanism from the stock, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Sand and prepare the stock for painting. Add at least two to three coats of high-quality base paint and any custom paint job you desire. Coat the painted stock with a few coats of high-quality automotive clear coat sealer to protect the new finish.

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4. Install a new clip that holds more ammunition or other accessories to suit your needs. Consult the manufacturer to find out which accessories your gun is capable of handling. New clips and accessories should fit easily into the gun and not throw the balance off when being aimed or fired.

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