Customize The Invert Mini

A customized paintball gun

The Invert Mini is a highly customizable paintball gun made by the company Invert Paintball. Upgrades not only increase the performance and efficiency of the Invert Mini, but they also customize it to your particular tastes. Customization can be simple and quick. Some of the most popular upgrades are compressed air, barrels, feednecks, grips and hoppers.


1. Attach a compressed air tank rather than a CO2 tank to the air receptacle of the Invert Mini. Compressed air is more efficient than CO2 and will give you better performance.

2. Replace the stock barrel with an aftermarket one. Aftermarket barrels come in a variety of sizes and designs. Depending on the size, aftermarket barrels can make a paintball more accurate and shoot further. Usually longer barrels will be more accurate but will sacrifice distance.

3. Remove the stock feedneck from the Invert Mini. This can be accomplished by simply unscrewing it. Feednecks connect the hopper, which is the container that holds paintballs, to the paintball gun. Replace with an aftermarket feedneck that can be clamped. A clamping feedneck will provide a better grip on the hopper.

4. Remove the stock grips by unscrewing the six screws with the tools that are supplied by the manufacturer. Replace the stock grip with a more comfortable and stylish grip and screw the six screws back in.

5. Replace your regular hopper with an electric hopper. Electric hoppers provide agitation to force the paintballs into the gun. This will enable the gun to shoot faster and break less paintballs.

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