Customize Tippmann X7

Customize Tippmann X7

The Tippmann X7 is one of the most customizable paintball guns on the market. Although its performance is great right out of the box, a wide range of available customizations allows for improved accuracy and rate of fire. Many upgrades also enhance the gun’s aesthetics.


1. Unscrew the stock barrel of the Tippmann X7 in a counterclockwise motion. Replace it with an aftermarket barrel and screw it in firmly but gently. Depending on the size, aftermarket barrels can increase distance and accuracy of paintballs.

2. Attach a compressed air tank to the air intake adapter by screwing it in. Compressed air is more consistent than CO2 and will make your Tippmann X7 more accurate.

3. Remove the two pins from the back plate of the gun. These pins can be removed by just pulling on them. Once they are off, pull the back plate out of the Tippmann X7. Slide the collapsible stock into the back of the gun where the back plate was. There is only one way to slide it on, so there is no risk of putting it on incorrectly. Use the two pins that were removed to attach the stock to the gun.

4. Slide a red dot sight onto the top rail of the Tippmann X7, making sure the front of the sight is facing the front of the gun. Use the Allen wrench that is included with the Tippmann X7 tool kit and tighten the sight onto the rail.