Customize Your Own Paintball Jersey

Customizing your jersey will give you and your team a professional appearance.

A paintball team is only complete when each member has a custom team jersey, complete with their name, number, team insignias and other patches and artwork. Jersey customization is also important for paintball players who don’t belong to a team — it makes them look unique and more professional. There are websites that sell customized jerseys, which can mean anything from simply printing names and numbers to allowing you to craft an entirely unique design. You can also save money by doing the job yourself with colorful patches and logos, as well as silkscreen letters and numbers.


1. Set up your ironing board and turn your iron to the lowest heat setting (most silkscreen patches will require the lowest setting to prevent burning).

2. Place your jersey totally flat on the ironing board. Make sure there are no wrinkles. It may be necessary to slip the jersey over the end of the board.

3. Arrange silkscreen letters, names and numbers on your jersey. Use the ruler to ensure even spacing.

4. Place the hot iron on top of the silkscreens. Apply the iron for the time duration specified by the instructions that come with the silkscreen (usually between 2 and 5 seconds).

5. Let the area cool, and make sure that the silkscreen is fully applied.

6. Arrange the patches on your newly silkscreened jersey.

7. Use the thread and needle to sew around each patch, tying a knot when you make your way fully around to the beginning.