Customize Your Own Throwback Jersey

It is popular for sports fans young and old to wear throwback jerseys. The term throwback refers to a jersey that is a variation or replica designed to resemble or replicate a uniform from that team’s past. Fans wear these jerseys to the game to show their undying support for their team and knowledge of that team‘s history. They also wear it around town to show a unique sense of sports fashion.


1. Pick your favorite sports team and research their history. Pick a jersey design from the team’s past that you like.

2. Go to your local sporting goods/clothing store or shop online to find and purchase the design of your choice. Purchase a blank jersey–no lettering, no numbers–so you can customize it at home.

3. Spell your name, your favorite player’s name, or even a nickname and place the four-inch letters across the back of the jersey from left to right at the shoulder blades. If you are spelling a long name, arrange the letters so there is a slight arch, which will allow the name to fit on the jersey. A smaller name can go straight across.

4. Use the adhesive backing on the letters and firmly press down on the letter, keeping it in place. Safety pin the letters in position as an extra precaution so they do not move while you are stitching the letters.

5. Thread the needle with the same color as the jersey.

6. Begin sewing at the corner of the letter and work your way around. Form tight stitches so the letter will stay on the jersey. Rotate the jersey around the letter while you stitch.

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7. Knot the string tight when you are finished with a letter, so the stitches do not come loose.

8. Place the eight-inch numbers in the middle of the back of the jersey.

9. Repeat steps 4-7 to attach numbers to jersey.

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