Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun Specs

G3 can shoot any type of .68 caliber paintballs.

The 2008 Dangerous Power (DP) G3 is nothing less than a serious contender in the paintball gun market. Under $300, it can compete alongside the best markers available. If you want to upgrade from your current marker or are just getting into the sport, then considering the G3’s specifications will help you decide whether or not this marker is a good choice for you.

Standard Features

The G3’s one-of-a-kind body is equipped with auto-cocker threading for aftermarket barrels and includes its own barrel. It also includes a .45-grip frame that allows simple customization, DP’s flip-lever air source adapter (ASA) and an ultra low-rise clamping feed neck.

Only one screw needs to be removed to gain access to the bolt and assembly for cleaning and lubrication.

Firing Modes

The G3 is capable of several modes of firing, any of which can be activated easily through the dual in-line package (DIP) switch. These modes of firing include NPPL/semi-automatic, PSP, Millennium and NXL.

Additional Specifications

At only 1.86 lb. (843.6g), the G3 is one of the lightest paintball guns on the market. It is also one of the smallest on the market at only 19.5 inches (497mm) long and just 7.84 inches (199.3mm) high.

The G3 operates at only 180 lb. of pressure per square inch, which allows for more shots and the ability to shoot sensitive tournament-grade paint balls without breaking. Its entire operation uses just two moving parts and only six O-rings, which makes it extremely reliable and simple to maintain.

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G3 dealers may allow you to test fire this marker so you can see its specifications’ capabilities.