Decide What Kind Of Hand Gun To Buy If You Never Owned A Gun

Decide what kind of HAND GUN to buy ,If you never owned a gun

You have never owned a gun & you want to buy one, decide what to buy ???


1. Go to any gun store , look at what they have on display. Talk to the guys working there. If they are working in a gun store they most likely know a lot about all different kind of guns & can help you make an informed desision.

2. Tell him what you need the gun for , protection , sport shooting , target shooting ,hunting. Once he knows what your needs & reasons are you want a hand gun. He will be able to show you different kinds of guns that meet you needs & recommend a certain gun & the caliber you should buy.

3. Ask to hold the different kinds of guns. See how they feel in your hand.

4. There are only 2 basic styles of hand gun , AUTOMATICS & REVOLVERS

BUT in these 2 different styles of hand guns there are 100’s of different styles, sizes & calibers.

Again ask the guy in the gun store to show you both kinds

5. Here is a AUTOMATIC , This is a 1911 automatic , .45 caliber, this is one of the most popular styles of automatic hand guns.

6. Here is a Revolver , this one is a Smith & Wesson model 19 , 357 magnum

7. Once you have decided basically what style of hand gun you want. Ask the guy at the gun store if there is a shooting range in the area that rents guns. You can go rent the style you like ( or something similar) & give it a try , most gun rental are around $20 to rent the gun & you will have to buy a box of ammo.

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Shoot the gun & see how you like it.

8. Take a shooing safety class , some states require new gun owners to take a safety class before they can buy a gun. While in the safety class talk to the instructor & ask him the same questions you asked the guy in the gun store. Get all the info you can from as many people possible before you make a purchase.

9. Check your state & city gun laws. See if you can even own a hand gun in your area & is it legal for YOU to own a gun. If you have a criminal record , have a history of mental problems , have a restraining order against you , are under the age of 21 , These are just some of the reasons you will not be able to own a gun.

10. If & when you do buy a gun & you pass all the requirements of your state & city , ( LAWS are different in every state & some cities have their own laws) Go to the shooting range & practice A LOT. A gun is worthless if you can’t hit what you are shooting at

Well good luck on buying your first hand gun