Decorate A Room With A Texas Rangers Theme

The Texas Rangers did not enjoy much success in their first 35 seasons of existence. Nevertheless, the Rangers have a strong fan base. If you’re a fan, here is how you can decorate a room with a Texas Rangers theme.


1. Paint the room in the colors of the Texas Rangers. Red and blue are the primary colors found on the uniforms of the Rangers. In order to get the color exact, look at a cap or team logo.

2. Place a flag or banner with the logo of the Texas Rangers at the entrance of the room. This, along with painting the walls, ensures that everybody who enters the room will immediately know which baseball team your cheer for during the season.

3. Dedicate a portion of the room to Nolan Ryan. Even though Ryan only spent four seasons with the Rangers, he still collected two no-hitters with the team and could very well be the greatest pitcher in the history of the franchise. Search for Nolan Ryan memorabilia in team shops and online and place these objects in the room.

4. Place something in the room to commemorate the beginning of the franchise. Originally, the Texas Rangers were the Washington Senators. Perhaps you could frame a picture of a former Senators player or manager, such as Ted Williams.

5. Find a poster or picture of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and place it in the room. The Ballpark in Arlington has been the home of the Texas Rangers since 1994 and is truly a beautiful place to watch a baseball game.

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6. Put something in the room to remember the 30-run game of 2007. In August of 2007, the Texas Rangers became the first baseball team in over a century to score 30 runs in a game, defeating the Baltimore Orioles 30-3. Find newspaper clippings and pictures from this game and place them in the room.