Decorate A Splatter Paint Room

Splatter-painted rooms offer ample decorating opportunities. The technique calls for using a paintbrush to splatter paint on one or more walls, which are usually white. When one color dries, another color is splattered on the wall or walls and then another until the person who’s painting is satisfied. Decorating a splatter-painted room does not require special skills or talents. Repeating the colors in accessories pulls the room together. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Replace the furniture in the splatter-painted room with white furniture. White furniture complements the white in the walls.

2. Dress the rest of the bed in solid-colored sheets and a comforter, if you’re decorating a bedroom. Select a color that matches one of the splatter-paint colors. If you want, pull different colors from the splatter-painting for the comforter, pillows and sheets. Don’t forget to add toss pillows.

3. Remove the light fixture in the room, and install a ceiling fan according to the manufacturer’s directions. Ceiling fans come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes, ensuring that you can purchase one to match a splatter-paint color.

4. Replace the switch plate covers on the wall with colored switch plate covers. Typically, switch plate covers are white. Replacing them instantly adds another touch of color.

5. Remove framed artwork from the walls. Artwork makes splatter-painted walls look too busy.

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